RISE Leadership Development Program

This page is for RISE 2021 Leaders ONLY.  

Are you wondering what to expect as you enter the RISE Program?

Are you curious how to gain the most from this experience?

If these questions are rolling around in your head, you are not alone! We have created an infographic (below) to visualize the process leaders go through as they seek to grow, nurture and expand their leadership skills. 

Think about the RISE program as a journey.  You start the program with a certain set of values, skills, capabilities, mindsets and confidence.  As you progress through the program, you will collect tools, embrace new mindsets, practices skills, grow your network and build your confidence.  

Our wish for you is that you walk out of this program with greater confidence in your ability to lead your career and life as well as tools and a roadmap to live into your most fulfilled and purposeful life.

When we live our most fulfilled life, we positively impact the world around us. 

Review the infographic below (you will find the START of your journey at the bottom) to see your path to improved confidence throughout the RISE journey.

Details of your RISE Journey

Below is a visual journey of a RISE leader through the program.  This program is designed to help you unleash the confidence within you. 

As you walk through this journey, you will leverage the workshops to learn new mindsets to support your growth as a leader.  Once you have learned a mindset, we provide you with tools that pair with these new mindsets so you can put your learnings into action and being utilizing these new mindsets and tools in your daily leadership practice.  

At the end of every workshop, you will create a goal (aka self-assign your own leadership work) that is customized to you to support your growth.  These goals empower your personal practice of the tools and mindsets learned.

And finally, you will participate in 4 special projects that allow you to integrate all of these new mindsets, best practices and tools into your daily life so you can continue to level up your leadership.