Testimonial Page for Gainey's Concrete


Below are video and written testimonials from leaders who have embraced, practiced and integrated the mindset, tools and best practices from programs created by Nicole Perrotta. 

Also included is a video of a special project developed and presented by leaders in the 2021 SOAR Program.

Hear from a couple of our RISE Leaders...


RISE Leader, Lindsay Barentine, shares how she got UNSTUCK and grew in her career!

RISE Leader, Toni Bouldes, shares how she embraced her VALUE to get that promotion!

Leadership Project from the SOAR  Program: SOAR Talk

For our special project in 2021, SOAR leaders presented at their own graduation,  sharing  the  networking lessons they valued the most. 

This allowed them to practice their executive presence skills, in a safe & live setting, as well as teach the networking lessons that provided the most value for them. And as an added bonus they also practiced their communication and conflict transformation skills because they teamed up to execute these amazing presentations.

Check out this SOAR TALK presented by the Phoenix Girls.


SOAR Leaders: Lindsay Barentine, Tamara Poppler, and Angela Patrick team up to present their SOAR Talk on how to maximize networking tools and skills remotely.