SOAR Graduation Ceremony

Hosted by Nicole Perrotta, Leadership Transformer & Self Care Advocate

Join us as we celebrate the graduation of our SOAR Class of 2021 Leaders. This group of courageous RISE graduates decided to take their personal & professional growth to the next level by committing their time and effort to the SOAR program.  

SOAR, the follow-on to RISE, is a graduate-level leadership development program available only to RISE graduates.  In this graduate-level program, RISE leaders expand their skills in executive presence, strategic networking, speaking across multiple personality types, and crucial communications.

During the graduation ceremony, each SOAR Leader will be demonstrating the Executive Presence skills they developed during the program by delivering a SOAR-Talk and sharing some strategic networking tips with you!

Come celebrate the achievements of this group of outstanding SOAR leaders with us while you gain some valuable tips on strategically nurturing and increasing your network! 

Space is limited. Reserve your seat now.