NOTE: The SOAR Program is only available to graduates of the RISE Program

What doors would you open if you felt confident ...

* Speaking in public (video or in person)


* Communicating in a way that others can

hear your true intention and meaning, and


* Networking strategically in a way that is 

aligned with your career life goals? 


What would your world  look like if you added these skills into your tool bag and you got to learn and practice these skills with other RISE leaders in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment? Sound amazing?  Sound like what you need right now?  

I'm ready to SOAR

SOAR 2022 Leadership Development Program

Have you been yearning for more community, more accountability, and deeper learning to forward your growth as a leader?  

Learn, practice and master how to live in confidence with your communication in three key areas necessary to experience the joy of Career Resilience and living in your full purpose:

1.) Exude your own unique style of executive presence in meetings, in presentation and on ZOOM (even if your a little scared).

2.) Network strategically to attract the RIGHT people into your network that will support and forward your career vision (without feeling icky). 

 3.) Speak with confidence, authority and influence with all personality types (and even in moments of conflict).

This program continues to build on the lessons from RISEadding in deeper and more challenging concepts expected in a graduate-level leadership development program.  You will experience a similar style, support, accountability and community as RISE...with MORE!

I'm ready to SOAR

All the mindsets, tools and support  you need to reconnect and build the CONFIDENCE & SKILLS to enjoy a Long-lasting, Fulfilling Career and Purposeful Life, NOW!

I'm ready to SOAR

This 3-month  virtual, live, instructor-led, graduate-level leadership program guides you through 4 workshops, 2 Group Coaching Sessions and 2 Special Projects. 

To be considered you must be a graduate of the RISE program and commit to:

  • Attend 6 leadership development workshops (90 minutes per workshop, every other week)
  • Complete all leadership work assignments (~2 hours per month)
  • Complete 2 special projects (~5 hours per month)

The SOAR Leadership Program Process

We follow the same process in SOAR as in the RISE program...with more advanced topics and deeper discussions.


Preparation is the foundation of success.  Prepare for the upcoming workshop by investing 10 – 15 minutes conducting the pre-work survey delivered via email a week before your Workshop.  You will read a passage, view a video or sometimes just take time for reflection. Then answer a few questions as you prepare to embrace the next lesson's learnings.


Each workshop is 90 minutes long.  Your instructor will guide you through lessons, discussions, and exercises as you learn to embrace mindset shifts, improve your skills and practice new tools that you can begin to use immediately at work.


Practice delivers results.  At the end of each workshop, you will have the opportunity to write a very specific short term goal of what you will work on over the following two weeks based on the lesson. 


You will participate in 2 special projects that allow you to integrate all of these new mindsets and best practices into your daily life as well as practice the tools learned along the way. 

I'm IN!

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4 Monthly Installments


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What's it like?

Take a look at the SOAR 2021 Special Project

For our combined special project in 2021, SOAR leaders presented at their own graduation,  sharing  the  networking lessons they valued the most. 

This allowed them to practice their executive presence skills, in a safe & live setting, as well as teach the networking lessons that provided the most value for them. And as an added bonus they also practiced their communication and conflict transformation skills because they teamed up to execute these amazing presentations.

Check out this SOAR TALK presented by the Phoenix Girls.


SOAR Leaders, Lindsay Barentine, Tamara Poppler and Angela Patrick team up to present their SOAR Talk on how to maximize networking tools and skills remotely.

Got questions?  We've got answers.

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Workshop #1: Executive Presence

It has been said that "people would rather die than stand up in front of a room and talk".  How about you?  Are you comfortable delivering information and handling unexpected, challenging questions? Are you confident in “owning the room” and, now, “owning” the ZOOM room? In this session, discover tools you can use to confidently answer "yes" to all of these questions.


Workshop #2: Strategic Networking

In this workshop, we explore how to strategically grow your network to reach your long-term career goals.  Discover how to identify who should be in your network and how to approach them to build a strong, powerful, mutually-beneficial network.

Workshop #3: Positive Accountability Session 1

Positive Accountability Sessions (PAS) are group coaching sessions designed to support the integration of each lesson into your daily practice.  After practicing the mindsets, tools and skillsets for several weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to review your progress, ask questions and receive on-the-spot coaching. 

In this PAS, we will be reviewing the lessons from Executive Presence and Strategic Networking.

Workshop #4: Who are you? Who am I? How to Unlock Authentic Engagement with Others

Have you ever walked away from a conversation wondering, “What was that? Were we even having the same conversation?”  In this workshop, leaders learn 4 different communication styles, including their own style, and how to relate to personality and communication styles that aren't their own.

Workshop #5: RISE Up! Finding the High Ground in Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations are defined as an interaction between two or more people when the stakes are high, emotions are strong, and opinions vary. In this workshop, leaders learn a powerful communication distinction that enables you to create true influence during a crucial conversation.

Workshop #6: PAS 2

Positive Accountability Sessions (PAS) are group coaching sessions designed to support the integration of each lesson into your daily practice.  After practicing the mindsets, tools and skillsets for several weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to review your progress, ask questions and receive on-the-spot coaching. 

In this PAS, we will be reviewing the lessons from Unlocking Authentic Engagement with Others and Crucial Conversations.


Each SOAR Leader who completes the program will be invited to participate in the 2022 SOAR Graduation Ceremony. 

You will have the opportunity to present your own SOAR talk with your assigned team during the program.   This is your opportunity to demonstrated your executive presence skills, your networking expertise and shine brightly in a safe environment. 

As a SOAR graduate, you will:

  1. Be certified as a SOAR Leader and receive your SOAR Leadership Certificate of Competence

  2. Join an ultra-elite network of international SOAR Leaders

  3. Enjoy the confidence of having the skills necessary to live into your most fulfilled and meaningful life

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