An Executive Leadership Development Program

What is RISE?

RISE is an executive leadership development program designed to support, strengthen and inspire leaders on their path to personal and professional achievement.

We all have leadership within us, this program is designed to help you access and unlock that leadership power with confidence. This 12-workshop program, delivered bi-weekly via a series of live, instructor-led webinars, will build your confidence, fortify your leadership best practices, increase accountability and expand your network.

Purpose of the program

The objective of the program is to empower participants to recognize that they are ENOUGH, and now is the time to step up.  We all have leadership power within us.  This program will guide you toward accessing and unlocking that leadership power with confidence.

You are ENOUGH. Step up and take what is available to you.

What are the program requirements?

To be considered you must commit to:

Attend 12 leadership development workshops (90 minutes per workshop, every other week)

Complete all leadership work assignments (~2 hours per month)

Complete 4 special projects (~3 hours per month)


Be willing to be brave when it becomes uncomfortable as that is when the growth happens!

RISE Program Outline

Unique and Valuable You

Setting B-SMART Goals

Shifting from Scarcity to Abundance

Escaping Your Rock & Hard Place

Gift of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Vital Few for your Leadership Future

Leadership Self-Care: Natural Solutions for Workplace Stress & Anxiety

Living an "I'm Enough" Leadership Life

Special Projects

Building Rapport in my Network (Expand, Enhance, and Nurture)

Give Back Project (the Value of Volunteerism)

Accountability Partnership Practice

Unique Leadership Development Plan

WIIFM?  (What’s in it for me?)

This 6-month, 12-workshop program will build your confidence, fortify your leadership best practices, increase accountability and expand your network.


We are offering the RISE 2021 program for $3,000 per person

( **** Group and Non-Profit Rates available, contact us for more information at**** )

Are there payment options?


When reserving your seat you must choose to either Pay in Full or Pay in Installments.

Once you complete registration we will contact you to set up your preferred payment method.

As soon as your tuition payment is complete, your seat in RISE 2021 is secured.


Cancellation and Refunds

You may cancel up to 21 days prior to the start date of the class at no penalty. For any cancellation requests within 21 days, the full course tuition is still due and you will not be eligible for a refund. 

Who is leading the Program?

Nicole Perrotta, Transformational Leadership Trainer & Coach

Recognition, for striving to be better.

Inspiration, to continue to reach for the stars.

Strength, we are LEADER strong.

Elevation, the more we invest in our leadership growth, the more we will RISE together.



This program really brought some focus into my life and I’ve walked away with a whole lot more than I expected, my toolkit is a little fuller and I am more prepared for anything that comes my way

Trasey Allen | Technical Consultant II