RISE 2020

An Executive Leadership Development Program

exclusively for the Women of AT&T


Recognition, for striving to be better.

Inspiration, to continue to reach for the stars.

Strength, we are WOA strong.

Elevation, the more we invest in our leadership growth, the more we will RISE together.

Purpose of RISE

The objective of the program is to empower WOA members to recognize that they are ENOUGH, and now is the time to step up.  We all have leadership power within us.  This program will guide you to access and unlock that leadership power with confidence.

You are ENOUGH. Step up and take what is available to you.

RISE requirements

To be considered you must:

  • Be available to attend ALL the scheduled development sessions and complete the assignments you are given.  This is a 12-workshop program with an emphasis on building your confidence, fortifying your leadership best practices, increasing accountability and building your network.

  • Be able to invest your TIME, program attendees must commit

    • 1.5 hours bi-weekly to attend that week's webinar (must be able to attend every webinar)

    • .5 hours of leadership homework also bi-weekly

    • 1.0 hour on average per month for key projects

      • Building Rapport in my Network​

      • Accountability Partnership Practice

      • Leadership Development Plan​​

  • Be willing to be BRAVE when it becomes uncomfortable as that is when the growth happens!